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Evidence mounts for mother, son accused of killing Capitola property manager

Crime and Cars and News – Santacruzsentinel Jan 7 : Posted: 01/07/16, 5:53 PM PST | Updated: 1 minutes ago…

Author Laura Putnam: Move more, sit less in 2016

Finance and Eductaion – Santacruzsentinel has a long article Jan 7 : Award-winning reporter covering Santa Cruz business, housing, healthcare and Capitola Reach the author at or follow Jondi on Twitter: @jondigumz .

Waves prompt road closures, damage in Santa Cruz County

- Santacruzsentinel Jan 7 : In Capitola , the wharf was closed to visitors Thu morning because waves broke a water main about eight in the morning stated Capitola Finance Director Mark Welch.

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Capitola (Block5)

Five Reasons to go to Capitola Instead of Santa Cruz

Modernluxury Jun 9 : Santa Cruz may have the vintage boardwalk glory, but it also has the kitsch and crowds that come with it.

Bands, Brews and Good Times at Pleasure Point Street Fair

Santacruz Jun 8 : …which opened in Capitola in Apr will offer traditional European-style craft lagers and pale ales in a specially designated Beer Garden, and for the first time wine will also be available, courtesy of Bonny Doon Vineyards.

Summer Sundays in Capitola Village

Santacruz Jun 8 : Summer has arrived in Capitola Village . The beachside neighborhood, a favorite among tourists from both far and near (if you are from San Jose, you’re not local – sorry!), puts on a number of events for the whole family to enjoy every summer. The Beach Boys is also mentioned (archive)

Mid County High School Scoreboard: June 2015

Tpgonlinedaily Jun 6 : Capitola/Soquel , High School Sports Scoreboard .


Capitola (Block6)